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Dr. Jeff Weber

Director of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jeff Werber is an Emmy award winning, nationally renowned veterinarian and former president of the Association of Veterinary Communicators. He also served on the advisory boards of Veterinary Economics magazine, is a board member of Hounds and Heroes, Wags and Walks, and Eloise Pet Rescues, and is a Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer of airvet – the Nation’s largest Telemedicine/Telehealth platform.

In September of 1997, Werber became the pet expert for CBS News in Los Angeles, where he was awarded an Emmy for his pet health reporting. He is currently a frequent contributor to CNN, E! Entertainment, KCBS/KCAL-Los Angeles, KTLA, and Inside Edition. He is also a frequent lecturer at many of the nation’s veterinary conferences, is a contributor for DVM 360, and he often serves as a spokesperson for several national pharmaceutical companies, “Dr. Jeff” has been a practicing veterinarian for 38 years. He is the founder of the prestigious, AAHA certified, Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, a Veterinary Economics Merit Design Award winning hospital which he sold to VCA in 2018. He is currently president of “Dr. Jeff Enterprises” and continues to see his patients at Value Vet in Westwood.

Werber is a 1976 graduate of U.C. Berkeley, and earned his veterinary degree at the University of California-Davis in 1984. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Mara, has 3 grown children, 5 grandchildren, and an ever-growing family of pets (10 at last count).

Dr. Jeff Weber
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