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Bonnie-Jill Laflin


Bonnie-Jill Laflin has a number of firsts in her career. She is the first and only female NBA scout, holding the front office position with the Los Angeles Lakers. She is the first to dance on a professional level for three teams, in two sports, starting with the NBA and the Golden State Warriors, and moving to the NFL with both the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Laflin is the first female to be awarded six championship rings in two professional sports, earning a Super Bowl ring during her time cheering for the 49ers and five NBA championship rings as an executive for the Lakers. Laflin is currently a CBS Sports reporter and host.

Beyond her professional ventures, Laflin is committed to and passionate about animal welfare and the nation’s veterans, founding the non-profit Hounds and Heroes. A strong advocate for animal welfare including lobbying on Capitol HIll to fight for animal rights., Laflin has multiple PETA, Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd campaigns and is an ambassador for many animal charities across the globe. Bonnie-Jill has devoted her life to rescuing dogs and horses across the country, including her own 13 dogs and 26 horses living either with her or on her parents’ ranch.

Service to this country runs strong in Laflin’s family. Both of Bonnie-Jill’s grandfathers served in World War II, and one was awarded both a Silver Star and Purple Heart. Her uncle was a Gunnery sergeant and a career Marine, and Laflin’s father was an undercover narcotics officer for thirty-three years with the San Francisco Police Department. She has traveled abroad on nineteen USO tours, including Iraq and Afghanistan, to boost the morale of service members. Laflin has supported the military her entire life, visiting veterans in the hospital, boosting morale on tours, bringing wounded warriors to sporting events, and speaking on behalf of veterans on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin
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