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Abeer Shofani

Director of Fostering/Training

Abeer is the owner and head trainer at No Bones About It Pet Care. She has over eight years of experience as a dog behaviorist and canine-training, including relationship-building, confidence building via play, socialization through pack walks, and off-leash play. Equipped with strong intuition, clear communication, and professional knowledge, she has experience dealing with a spectrum of dog temperaments, energy-levels, breeds, and ages. Every dog is unique thus her technique and training style correspondingly differs depending on her assessment of a dog.

She considers herself a “forever student” in the field of dog behavior and psychology, attending

workshops and trainings throughout the year held by preeminent leaders in this sector. Her

passion is fueled by the desire to help build relationships between her clients and their dogs so

that their “language” and needs, both physical and psychological, are communicated to their

owners so that they can lead happy and healthy lives.

She facilitates and nurtures strong bonds with every dog she works with by spending time building our relationship first so that she has a better understanding of the dog’s challenges. As in any

relationship, trust is key and takes time to build and gain. While it does not happen overnight, it

is possible through patience, consistency, and diligently working at the dog’s pace.

While it goes without saying, she is a life-long dog lover and rescuer, including her own three

dogs. After a series of life-changing events while pursuing a music career in New York City, she

adopted her first dog, Brooklyn, who subsequently changed her life and the lives of other dogs

as her premier “helper” dog. When Brooklyn hit six months, we packed our things in 2013

and drove cross-country to Los Angeles, her hometown, and that was the beginnings of No

Bones About It Pet Care.

Abeer Shofani
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